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Lyrics of a song function more productive in formulating a person's moods and tones. With your routine work burden, you may jump into stress and anxiety, songs and music can boost your energies and strengthen them again. Listening to music is a reasonable impression but lyrics perpetrate additional enthusiasm to your sentiments and recreation.

"Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”   ~~Confucius

Power of Lyrics

Bollywood and Lollywood songs retain the oldest music traditions enriched with congenial and delightful lyrics. Every song has some refreshing flashback attached to it. Their lyrics are pure and sweet as chocolates; these lyrics fill your heart with the sweetness of memories and events that reminds you of someone or somewhere. Lyrics have some healing and refreshing power in them.

"If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint." ~~ Edward Hopper

Websites of Songs' Lyrics

There are many websites, generating New Songs Lyrics of different genres including Bollywood, Hollywood, and Lollywood songs. stands as one of the most popular and updated websites. It has a wide spectrum of Heart Touching and EverGreen songs' lyrics. Why only there are so many other websites but this site has some novel features than others. Once you experience it you will stick to it to create your music library.

New Songs Lyrics' genres

Lyrics of all trendy and classy genres of new songs are accessible on one website; you don't need to scroll for different sites for different categories. comprises

  • Classical and Romantic Hindi Songs Lyrics
  • Popular Punjabi Songs Lyrics
  • Pop Songs Lyrics
  • Hip Hop Songs Lyrics
  • Urdu Songs Lyrics
  • Songs of the '90s Lyrics

Specific Features of

This website puts on modern features as when you search for song lyrics on it; you will be offered premium information about the singer, artist, music, and label of the song.

Novelty of

The most interesting feature is video display of song on website; yeah you don't need to browse for a video song and its official video displays on website by a linked video with lyrics of every song. It will not direct you to YouTube or any other site to watch a video song just by keeping up onto the website you can enjoy a video song also.

Why prefer

The best thing about that it is providing than other lyrics website is it has also a collection of Naats and Qwalis which is absolutely a unique feature. It refers to all communities and satisfies various passions. You can find inspirational and emotional stuff all in one place. Then its combination of Urdu and Punjabi Songs Lyrics is all about what you search for. This website is not for specific. 

Feedback section

Like other sites, provides the facility of "Feedback" and "Follow us"

You can follow them to get notified about the latest updates and give them compliments regarding it. The website also greets positive suggestions and modifications. You may also submit the lyrics of your favorite song to the site; they will consider your recommendation. There is an option of rating the song lyrics precision on the website and it also gives you a relief to copy the URL for sharing your favorite song's lyrics with friends or someone special although you can even share it directly to social apps from the website.

If you have love for lyrics and music but still you have not browsed into, I suggest you to try it once you will definitely feel much refreshed with it and get a relief from your hectic boring routine.

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