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Top 10 Kannada Ringtones 2024

  1. Baarisu Kannada Dindimava - A modern rendition of a classic, patriotic song celebrating Kannada culture.
  2. Belageddu - From the movie "Kirik Party," known for its catchy and romantic tune.
  3. Nee Nenedare - A melodious track from the film "Junglee," popular for its heartfelt lyrics.
  4. Bombe Helutaite - A beautiful and emotional song from the movie "Raajakumara."
  5. Kaagadada Doniyalli - A soulful and serene song from the film "Kirik Party."
  6. Tagaru Banthu Tagaru - A high-energy track from the movie "Tagaru," famous for its rhythmic beats.
  7. Ondu Malebillu - A romantic and melodious song from the movie "Chakravarthy."
  8. Anisuthide - A classic love song from the film "Mungaru Male," known for its timeless appeal.
  9. Kannada Gottilla - A recent hit, popular among the younger audience for its modern vibe.
  10. Jeeva Sakhi - A touching and melodious song from the film "Tagaru."